Photo Of A Loyal Dog And It’s Young Master Captured The Hearts Of Netizens.

This photo of a dog and a young boy captured the hearts of the netizens.

Image: Facebook

On a Facebook post shared by Gen Pilar, a heartwarming photo featuring a dog and a boy, hugging each other while they sleep on a piece of the carton at a planter by the sidewalk.

Image: Facebook

The post captioned:

“A dog doesn’t care if you are rich or poor. All he knows is that he loves you very much.”

According to Cuteness, the research argues that dogs are more human-like in their behaviors than any other animal, including primates. For example, a study found that dogs can express empathy to humans. In the study, the dog’s companion or a stranger was crying in the same room with the dog. The dog attempted to comfort her companion but also the stranger. In other studies, researchers have found dogs can understand verbal and physical gestures from humans, as well as their facial expressions. Humans also can accurately interpret the meaning of dog barks, according to other studies. This ability to communicate with one another – something not found among other species, developed from the species reliance on one another and continues to increase their loyalty to one another.

According to Dr. Stanley Coren, studies have shown that dogs can tell the difference between selfish and generous humans. In the study, two humans with treats were approached by a third human. Human A refused to give the third person a treat and treated them coldly. Human B was kind and gave the other human a treat. When the dog was allowed to mingle with the humans, he went to the human who gave the treats. Dr. Coren believes this preference indicates dogs expect humans to treat them the same way they treat other humans.

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