Former Sexy Dancer of Willie Revillame In Wowowee, Now A Successful Business Woman!

We all know that being in the limelight doesn’t guarantee a lifetime. You wouldn’t predict the life in show business. You could be prime today but tomorrow, your popularity subsides and all went gone.

Sadly, many Filipino celebrities didn’t know this fact and later blame themselves for ending up poor when their popularity went down the drain as days went by. Not in the case of the former sext dancer who remained successful after leaving the spotlight.

Do you still remember RR Enriquez of “Wowowee“? if you are among those avid viewers, you would definitely remember RR Enriquez as the sexy, gorgeous-looking “money girl.” She is known for her captivating beauty, a really hot body figure and of course her dancing prowess.

Her last TV appearance was back in 2015 with TV5’s “Happy Wife, Happy Life.” After her project from the Kapatid network, RR decided to leave show business and pursue business. RR and her boyfriend, Jay Helterbrand, established Rejuva Aesthetic and Laser Center in Cavite, RR’s province.

In an interview, RR Enriquez admitted that she first thought about this beauty business. However, when she brought it up, her boyfriend was initially hesitant about her plan. But after a few discussions, Helterbrand eventually agreed and now they have a really booming business.

She said:

“Pinapakita ko sa kanila na kahit amo ako, hindi ako ‘yong magpapakataas sa kanila, di ba? Bukod pa rito, kasama niya rin nag-training ang kanyang mga tauhan sa loob ng apat na buwan, upang maging “aware” rin siya sa procedure ng mga serbisyong kanilang ibinibigay sa mga costumer.”

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