Plane Engineer Designed Detachable Cabin For Emergencies!

Movies let us see what happens when a plane crash and it undeniably scary. How much more if you are actually inside a crashing plane?

Plane incidents often leave few survivors but not until Vladimir Tatarenko’s invention proves to be a success.

Vladimir Tatarenko is an aviation engineer from Ukraine who has been working hard for 3 years to find a solution for the much-dreaded plane problem. He came up with an invention of a unique plane design with a detachable cabin for emergency purposes.

Source: Elite Readers

Engr.Tatarenko shared:

“Surviving in a plane crash is possible. While aircraft engineers all over the world are trying to make planes safer, they can do nothing about the human factor.”

He came to a conclusion that he needs to design a plane that will possibly save many, if not all, passengers.

Source: Elite Readers

According to Elite Readers, the cabin can easily eject from the plane in a matter of seconds so it can really be useful for emergencies. Moreover, the cabin can land safely on ground or water. Once the cabin detaches, two gunpowder engines will slow down the speed before the parachutes are deployed. As necessary, inflatable rubber tubes can keep the capsule afloat.

Source: Elite Readers

Meanwhile, others who have seen the design fear that a detachable cabin may compromise a plane’s structural integrity.

YouTube user okkcomputer posed two valid questions:

“What if it lands in a populated area? What about the pilots?”

Source: Elite Readers

Despite some of the negative feedback to his work, Tatarenko revealed that he conducted a research and found out that 95% of those surveyed are actually “willing to pay more for such a safety system.”

Watch the video below;

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