AMAZING: Woman Plays and Casually Feed Her 15ft Crocodile “Friend”.

Source: EliteReaders

An amazing moment where a woman plays with her 15ft crocodile friend and casually feeds it as it begs for food.

This undaunted woman was captured playing and feeding a huge crocodile which swam up to her home to beg for something to eat.

Source: EliteReaders

On the footage, this predatory reptile showed up with its eyes and muzzle on the surface of the water as it comes towards a wooden home.

According to reports, the woman was identified as Ambo, splashing the croc’s muzzle with her hosepipe while cleaning freshly caught shellfish. With her husband beside her, she tosses leftovers of seafood to the hungry reptile.

The beast wait in patience and when it catches the chunk in its mouth, it later disappears back into the water.

Source: EliteReaders

Agus Trianto, 27 years old who captured the feeding said that it was common for the friendly crocodile to visit the house to ask for food.

“The crocodile regularly visits the house to pick up food,” he said.

“It is usually fisherman from the sea, they love to give fish to crocodiles,” he added.

The incredible footage happened in the Indonesian coastal town of Bontang in the Kalimantan Timur district of Borneo, which has high numbers of saltwater crocodiles roaming its waters.

Most of the houses in this fishing village were built on wooden stilts for easy access to fishing boats. It was assumed that the beast measures between 12ft and 15ft long.

Agus said: “The woman in the video is one of my neighbors. We only know her as ‘mother Ambo’.”

“She was cleaning the shellfish and took out the meat and gave some to the crocodile. He’s a friendly neighbor.”

Watch the incredible footage here:

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