One Jeepney Driver Admired By Many After Doing This To An Elementary Student!

This jeepney driver earned praised and positive comment after doing this act of kindness to an elementary student.

A good intention is always a wonderful thing and every ounce of kindness is a huge thing for people especially those who are in need. Just like the story of a jeepney driver who was lauded by netizens after doing this act of kindness to a student.

This unidentified jeepney driver went viral on social media after showing kindness to a boy who was en route to school.

Despite his tiring job, enduring the scorching heat or the heavy rain and the traffic, these didn’t hinder the kind driver in showing kindness to the student.

According to KAMI, the said viral story was shared on the Facebook page ‘Philippines Trending Social Media’. The netizen who posted the said story narrated the whole thing on social media. According to the netizen, the boy only has five pesos to pay for his jeepney ride which is not enough based on the normal fair rate.

When the boy told the jeepney driver that he only has that amount, the jeepney driver just replied to the boy to ride the vehicle and keep his 5 pesos instead.

Read the post below:

The netizen who witnessed this touching story also said that the kind driver encourages the boy to study hard.

As expected, many netizens were touched by the story and ended up praising the driver for his act of kindness towards the schoolboy.

How inspiring to hear and read stories like this right? In this world turning evil, we could change it by willingly giving kindness and love without choosing. Let’s share good vibes and positivity rather than hate and selfishness.

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