The World’s Deepest Hole Ever Dug In Russia. Take A Look!

In 1950’s, Russia and America are popular when it comes to the space race. But aside from this competition, did you know that these two countries also raced to the Earth’s center?

Russia and America aimed to create the world’s deepest hole in 1960’s and 1970’s. Both countries drilled boreholes into the ground using powerful equipment, requires a massive funding and involved risk to the workers. However, the United States of America’s Project Mohole was stopped due to lack of funding.

On the other hand, Russia decided to dig a hole in the Kola Peninsula. In the end, the Kola Superdeep Borehole measured 12.3 kilometers deep into the ground. If you’re finding that it difficult to grasp such depth, then remember this simple tip. Mt. Everest, which is considered the tallest mountain in the world, stands at only 8.9 kilometers high.

According to Worthler, the project’s initial plan was to make it to a depth of 49,000 feet or about 15 kilometers. By 1989, one of the hole’s branches, SG-3, reached an astounding depth of 40,230 feet, or about 12.3 kilometers deep. But because the temperature was so extreme that the equipment couldn’t handle it any longer, their goal was halted. The temperature reached close to 600 degrees Fahrenheit that made it impossible for the drilling to go any further.

As part of the countries achievement, the Russian government even printed stamps that showed the world’s deepest hole. The project was put on a halt, but it wasn’t until 2008 that the entire site was dismantled beyond repair. Now, the marvelous structure that once inspired two superpowers to race against each other is now nothing but a pile of rubble.

Although the structure has been dismantled, visitors can still take a tour around the ghostly site.

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