“PAGOD OR TINATAMAD KA NANG MAG ARAL”: Netizen Shared Her Inspiring Message As A Student!

This netizen shared her inspiring message as a student who finished college despite being unmotivated.

College is one of the toughest paces of being a student. We all know that it is the last stage of studying, after finishing college you can already find work depends on what course you took. It has a very hectic schedule because you have a lot of units to finish. On the other hand, the cool thing about the college schedule is that you usually have more opportunities to explore your interests and passions. For example, you will be picking a major that will determine the types of classes you will specialize in.

Different from high school, schedules in college look like a pyramid. In the first and second year, students take more general education classes and a few classes in your major. But during your junior and senior year, you’ll take fewer general education classes and more classes in your major. Also, before you could graduate from college you need to pass the thesis specialized for your chosen course.

One of the benefits of college is meeting new kinds of people, so going outside your comfort zone might surprise you. College is different from the environment of high school years because you are expected to be more matured in college.

Recently, a college student who just graduated posted her difficulties she faced during college days. She shared her experience and thoughts to motivate and to inspire the students who are being unmotivated in pursuing College.

She also mentioned to her post the sacrifices of every parent just to send their child or children to a good school and just to give their child or children a good education because of all things education is a thing that cannot be stolen on you.



Read Audrey Manuel’s post below:


When I was in my 2nd year college, I told my dad, “AYAW KO NA MAG ARAL. NAKAKATAMAD NA!” Then he replied, “SABIHIN KAYA NAMIN SAYONG PAGOD NA KAMI MAGTRABAHO? KAMI NGANG MGA MAGULANG MO PAGOD NA PAGOD NA MAGTRABAHO. NAKARINIG KA BA NG REKLAMO SAMIN?” THEN, IT HIT ME HARD! We always complain. We always want to give up when things get tough. We always say, “nakakatamad na mag aral.” BUT, do we even consider our parents? Who work 8 hours (or more) a day just to give us the best? Some parents (like mine), need to work abroad! We never heard them say, “Ayaw ko na mag trabaho” or “Uuwi na ako dyan sa Pinas ayaw ko mag-isa dito.” Nope! Not even once! Because when they stop working, nga nga tayo. Wala tayong magagandang damit, mamahaling cellphone, at higit sa lahat baka di tayo nakakapag aral sa magandang school. Kaya before tayo mag complain na pagod na tayo. Na nakakatamad na mag-aral. Isipin muna natin yung magulang natin na never nag complain na nanapagod na silang magtrabaho for us. Kasi yung pagod na nararamdaman natin, walang wala pa sa pagod na nararamdaman nila. (I’m not saying that wala tayong karapatang mapagod.) Mama and Papa, you waited long for this and I offer everything to you!

This is me saying, “Napagod. Nagreklamo. At di na ulit nagreklamo sa magulang.” hahaha

Manuel, Audrey Abigail Ortiz


BSBA major in Human Resource Management

De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde

Scholar ng Magulang”

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