Ordinary Man Came To A Luxury Cars Store But Get Ignored. Later, They Regretted It!

This ordinary man came to a luxury car store but got ignored by the staff. Later, they regret why they behave because they lost a potential customer.

We already hear the saying, ‘Don’t judge the book by its cover’. However, we still tend to forget it and became so judgemental especially on the outside appearance. It’s not a surprise that we get criticism to people because we are living in a world full of judgemental people.

People who dress in a simple way always judged as no job or have no better future. But when you look fashionable or wears branded clothes, you are well-favored and categorized as a rich or upper class. But is the physical appearance really important standard we should take in treating people? I don’t think so!

Maxman TV has run a social experiment to see if how the car sale’s staff treat the customers on the way they look.

A simple-looking guy entered the car showroom with luxury-made cars. The man only wears a t-shirt and shorts and the sale’s man is not sure if the man is able to buy a luxury car. The customer told him that he’s interested in buying a racing car. He’s very excited when he asks about the cost, the specs and the maximum speed of the car.

As the outside look is concerned, the sale’s man is doubting and asks the customer about his monthly salary to weigh if he’s really capable of purchasing it. Moreover, the ‘ordinary’ customer demanded a test drive but got rejected by the sale’s man.

For them, the man seems not able to afford to buy a luxury car, so why to waste their time. Little did they know, their behavior towards the customer was all recorded. But as soon as they realized that he’s actually capable and were able to purchase a million-dollar car, they were downcast.

Watch the video below:

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