Viral Video Of A Dog Who Passed By And Decided To Help Firefighters!

Recently, firefighters couldn’t stop laughing after a dog passing by decided to help them.

A group of firefighters was trying to bring down a tree and it seems like they’re struggling a little bit. Surprisingly,  a dog with its owner accidentally passed by decided to give them a hand and help them bring down the tree.

They are pulling on a rope tied around the tree to bring it down and giving all their efforts. But when the kind dog saw the firemen pulling the rope and there’s extra length of the rope, it decided to join their effort. The owner could be seen trying to pull his dog away but to no avail, the dog’s tenacity was just too overwhelming.

The firemen couldn’t stop laughing at the sight but continued in their efforts to bring the tree down and let the dog help as well. As expected, many were amazed at the kind gesture of the dog and praised it for its initiative to help.

Watch the video below:

Fire Fighter Dog Helps Pull Rope

When these firefighters got together to pull a rope, they had a little help from a very strong pup…😆💖Credit: JukinVideo

Posted by NTD Television on Tuesday, April 17, 2018

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