Man Created A Chainsaw-Powered Bike. Check Out How He Made It!

This man combines a chainsaw and a bicycle together to make this chainsaw-powered bike.

Nowadays, people are getting more creative and innovative. Every day, we got to see new inventions and most of these are helpful to make our daily lives easier. However, some of these inventions are creatively weird, making it more impressive and amazing.

Recently, a creative man combines a chainsaw and a bicycle together for an amazingly powerful ride. This particular man came up with an idea of combining a chainsaw and a bicycle which technically amazes everyone.

If you are among those who can’t afford a motorcycle or a car, this super impressive invention will surely give you an experience like having one. Including the fee for public parking today, this invention will surely give you hundreds of dollars every month.

Some who take a bus or any public transportation, not to mention the traffic, is time-consuming especially if you are catching up with a schedule or an urgent meeting. So to make our lives easier, this man got an idea to combine a chainsaw and a bicycle.

This invention can be used to motorize any kind of bicycles that you own. Whatever you have, recumbents, folders or mountain bikes, you can use this creative engine to have a powerful ride. The cost of a high-quality chainsaw can go between $200 to $400. But the cost is less than if we consider the maintenance that will cost you every month in you purchased a car or a motorcycle.

But be reminded that if your city has local regulations about a motorized bike, I suggest you check it first if it’s allowed or not.

Watch the video below:

How to Make a Moped From a Chainsaw

Well done bro! Now make a chainsaw out of a bike! 😆👍Credit:Temnaya

Posted by Blunt Kommunity on Sunday, July 8, 2018

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