Single Mom Lives In A Shipping Container Whom She Beautifully Reconstructed It As A Home!

This single mom was able to reconstruct a shipping container to a house of their own.

Every parent dreamed of giving their children a comfortable life as a possible no matter what it cost them. This is exactly the story of a mother who inspired thousands of internet users, particularly mothers. She proves that despite struggles and hardships in life, she still finds the way to provide her family with the life that they deserve.

A single mom named Lulu is a country girl from Argentina who now lives in the states with her young daughter. She had gone back to school but was not interested in a traditional 9-to-5 job or a lifestyle that required constant work in order to pay rent. When it came time for Lulu to move out of her house, she decided to move herself and her daughter into a standard shipping container.

The 160-feet shipping container was used to transport things back and forth from China. After taking some materials in the junkyard, she was able to gather all the materials needed for her soon-to-be home. She was able to transform this shipping container into a bohemian haven. With no building experience, Lulu spent one month and $4000 installing windows, insulation and a functioning kitchen, which includes a water heater and camping stove.

“When you don’t have money, you just get creative,” Lulu told Fair Companies.

The house consists of a bathtub, a playroom, a toilet and a sink.

“This was really a choice about how many hours do we have to our life, and how do I want to spend those hours?”

Lulu wants to inspire people, especially those single mothers who have the same experience with her and to challenge themselves to live a simple life that devotes more quality time with their children.

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