79-Years-Old Diver Calls His Giant Fish Friend For 25 Years By Ringing Underwater Bell

Little did we know, spending time with animals creates bonds and developed relationships. People usually developed a bond with cats, dogs, horse and commonly seen animals. But this old man develops a bond with a fish in the sea, how amazing is that?

If you can hardly believe it, you should go to Japan and meet this Japanese guy and his sea creature friend.

A 79-year-old  Japanese scuba diver named Hiroyuki Arakawa started diving when he was 18 years old. Mr. Arakawa was also an overseer of Torii, one of the Shinto Religion’s Shrines. He always goes to Japan’s Tateyama Bay to dive and check on the shrines.

According to InFactBuzz, one day while he was checking the shrine, he found an Asian sheepshead wrasse that he named Yoriko. Yoriko was badly injured that day so Mr. Arakawa immediately took action and save the fish. He saves Yoriko by feeding her with five crabs, and he continues to feed her for ten days for her to regain its strength and live.

Since that day, Arakawa and Yoriko shared a strong bond together. Arakawa shared his and Yoriko’s story in Daily Mail Uk as he said:

“I guess she knows that I saved her and that I helped her when she was badly injured. I think anyone can get an animal’s attention by feeding them.”

It becomes Arakawa’s habit to visit and feed Yoriko, giving her a kiss on her forehead whenever he checks on the shrines. Every time he visits Yoriko, he would just ring the bell at the shrine and wait for his wrasse friend to come and shortly she does. Arakawa even removes his diving mask and regulator to give Yoriko a kiss and a stroke on its bulbous head.

The report also said that Yoriko does not refuse from Arakawa’s kiss which made him think that maybe Yoriko has human-like features because she always recognizes him every time he visits her and ring that bell. Whether she has it or not, Arakawa is still grateful and feel the sense of accomplishment in his heart for helping and making friends with Yoriko, his sea creature friend.

Watch the video below:

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