96-Year-Old Woman Sells The House She Lived In For 72 Years, Buyer Was Shocked At Their Discovery!

This old woman sells the house where she lived for 72 years and the buyer was shocked at what they found out inside the house.

An old woman from Toronto is selling the home she has lived in for 72 years, which has been lovingly and impeccably in everything 1950s.

This pretty and pink house has been impeccably maintained by the same owner for the last 72 years and the owner is now moving to a retirement community

According to real estate agent Gladys Spizzirri, the wrought iron set is a rare classic.

“The owner, a former seamstress, says she has always had a passion for interior design and followed what tastes she likesThe 92-year-old has shied away from bright colors and always preferred ‘tone on tone’Metallic wallpaper, gold furnishings and floral patterns abound, giving the home that signature 1050s appealed no proper 1950s-style home would be complete without a bona fide ‘man cave’ with a bar in the basement open fireplaces are a common feature, to help with the harsh Canadian weather.”

A time capsule was found in the Bloom West Village area, not far from the city’s CBD.

The current owners of the house move in around 1942 and that time was defined by war and then its aftermath.

This two-story house has three bedrooms, built of brick and stone. Open fireplaces feature throughout, once essential for the areas harsh winters.

The source also cited:

“The exterior of the home, in Toronto’s West Village area, belies what is happening inside. The home has been lovingly maintained in the 72 years the owner has lived there. The house has three bedrooms and two bathrooms. The house is decorated wall-to-wall in the 1950s and ’60sPictured here is the master bedroom. The owner, 96, is moving to a retirement community. The fashionable owner has lived in the home since she was 24-years-oldThe modest two-story, three-bedroom abode is built of brick and stone. A 96-year-old woman is selling her amazing 1950s-style home in Toronto, Canada. The house has been listed with an asking price of $699,000.”

According to HGTV Canada, the owner who is moving to a retirement community is a former seamstress who fancied herself as something of an interior decorator, although never dabbled professionally.

“I’ve always tried to be individual, and follow my own style. I like soft colors and I like things to match and flow well together.”

“I prefer tone-on-tone to bright colors. Metallic wallpaper, baroque prints, gold furnishings and floral patterns abound.”

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