Netizen Shared Photos Of Young Handsome Meat Vendor, Caught The Attention Of The Many!

Nowadays, people are secretly taking a snapshot using their mobile phones without permission and post it online. We meet celebrities or your ideal guy once-in-a-blue-moon so it is important to prepare your mobile phones in case you meet or see them.

It’s no longer the celebrities that people are falling in love with, but also ordinary people with simple jobs. It might be unbelievable to see a very attractive person working in the market but this time, you might believe that it’s real.

A Facebook user named Jasmin Alberto-Ferrer shared her fortunate encounter with a very handsome young boy who’s assisting his parents in their meat shop. According to her, she went to the market in Napico, Pasig City, to buy meat for sinigang and she was surprised to see the person assisting her.

She urged teenagers to help their parents in shopping in the market, especially with the handsome vendor fulfilling their orders.

“Mga bagets sipagin na kayo sa pamamalengke kung ganito naman kagwapo magbebenta sa inyo.”

Netizens who saw the post cannot help but praise the boy for his good looks. They also commend the young boy not only because he is handsome, but also for his dedication to helping his parents. At a very young age, he already knows how to work hard.

Some even jokingly said that they will now shop in Pasig City and cook sinigang for the family.

Watch the video below:

Posted by Jasmin Alberto Ferrer on Saturday, March 10, 2018

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