Watch How This Woman Folds And Organize Things Like A Pro!

This woman is a pro in folding and organizing things.

We are always told by our parents, especially by our mothers to organize our things properly and put it in its proper places. These include folding our clothes, organizing things such as books, shoes, and other personal belongings. But while it is easy for some, most are having this dilemma in organizing especially when there is so many stuff to fold and organize that can no longer fit inside its organizers or cabinets and that’s a big problem!

Organizing stuff is also a big dilemma for people who are having a trip. There’s always a luggage limit and we always have trouble on how to fold all of our clothes and properly organize it to fit into just a small luggage bag and not paying for an extra luggage weight.

To this woman, folding and organizing things to fit all belongings in just one bag is not a problem at all.

On a Facebook page Shanghaiist, a video of a woman featuring her ‘folding’ tricks went viral and amazed many internet users. On the video, the woman demonstrates the easy yet completely space-minimizing way of folding and organizing things.

No matter what kind of clothes, from jeans, shirts, leather jackets, or even bed comforters, her way of folding and organizing it will totally blow you away. Her idea of folding it in smaller sizes could take less space and give you more space for other clothes and travel essentials that will fit in just one luggage bag or a closet.

This woman only proves that folding and organizing things is no longer a problem. All you need is a little skill and practice.

Watch the video below:

Folding like a boss.

Posted by Shanghaiist on Friday, September 29, 2017

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