One Guy Experienced A Terrible Revenge After Breaking Up With His Girlfriend.

This guy suffered a terrible revenge after breaking up with his girlfriend.

While other lovers have a satisfying relationship and a happy ending, there some couples who started so in love with each other but ended up crying. That’s where this question enter in, ‘Why do lovers fall in love and ended up crying?’.

There are a lot of factors to consider why some relationships didn’t end up well though it started smooth and easy. That includes unfaithfulness, misunderstanding, major arguments, falling out of love, or you two are not just meant for each other.

On the other hand, it’s a good thing if two lovers broke up on good terms. Sadly, it’s not the same case for others. There are times when two really ended up in a bad blood and worst, both of them try to take revenge on each other after breaking up. That’s exactly what this girl after her boyfriend broke up with her.

One Facebook user named Jerome Boltron Gustilo shared photos of a ruined phone and a car full of scratches. Several photos show scratches on the right and back side of the beige-colored car.

It is obvious that the graze is intentionally made by someone. It could be assumed that the scratches were made out of stone. Scratches are also spread on the windshield of the car, evident that someone who made this these was really furious to the owner.

The last photo includes an iPhone with a cracked screen and the LCD was almost broken.

As of writing, the said post earned 15.9 mixed reactions and 14k shares.

A friendly advice: makes sure not to make a mess with your girlfriend or simply choose the right one to avoid such incident. LOL!

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