Easy Organizing Hacks That Will Help You Fix Your Messy Closet!

This easy organizing hacks will help you fix your messy closet.

Organizing and staying organized is a big challenge for most of us. Keeping everything organized at home is time-consuming whether in your kitchen, living room, bedroom, and especially in our closets. With that in mind, let’s talk about organizing our closet.

Organizing our closet doesn’t mean that everything is going to look like a department store. It’s not realistic. What it does mean is that you can find the clothing, shoes, and accessories that you need when you need them and save space.

While this is simple and easy for others, most of us have a dilemma on where to start and how to do this. But did you know what’s the greatest challenge, is to maintain organized.

Check out this easy organizing hacks that will make your closet look as good as possible and save space too so you’re motivated to maintain your awesome organization.

1. Folding Undies:

Underwears are just little pieces of clothing but they can really be hard to organize. But a simple way to organize it is to start folding it into the half. Then, add another one and the cycle goes on and on. Put all the folded ones in a small box and put it in a place where you can easily find it.

2. T-Shirt:

A simple way of folding a t-shirt is first, locate the three main parts of the shirt which is the collar, the center, and the hem. Grab the first two parts and meet them with the third part. There you go!

3. Organizing clothes in hangers:

No wants to go out for a date or shopping with wrinkled clothes right? Hangers are very useful to avoid wrinkles and help organize our closet. But the space for it is very small but worry no more. Just simply pull out the discarded part of the soft drink or beer cans and put them on hangers. Now, you can get more clothes to hung.

4. Socks:


Like undies, socks are just little pieces but also hard to be organized. An easy hack to organize it is to simply glue together pieces of felt fabric as to your need. Then, spread them and there you go, you have a portable socks organizer.

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Get clever with your clutter…and these 7 organization hacks!

Get clever with your clutter…and these 7 organization hacks!

Posted by Blossom on Thursday, May 18, 2017

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