Video Of A 3-Year-Old Girl Whose Hair And Arm Was Swallowed By An Escalator In A Mall in Davao City.

The 3-year-old girl’s hair and arm were swallowed by an escalator in a mall in Davao City.

Do you love to go to the mall with your children? This would be a warning to you!

When going to the mall, parents should keep an eye on their children to avoid any untoward incident. However, mishaps are unpredictable and happen the least we expected it.

In Davao City, many witnessed this frightful incident. A little girl was trapped on an escalator after getting her hair and arm stuck on the gap between the steps.

One social media user named Vannesa Padernal Baguio captured a clip and posted it on social media.

‘‘The little girl’s toy fell so she was trying to reach it, that’s when her hair got caught in the escalator,” Baguio said.

“The reason why she’s screaming in pain is that part of her arm is also caught, pinching the skin and muscles. It was pitiful to watch. I felt so sorry for her because nobody could do anything,” she added.

On the video, the toddler along with his father was going down the escalator when she dropped her toy. She tried to reach down to pick it up but her hair got caught between the last step and the gap at the bottom of the escalator, dragging her head to the metal ledge. Worse is, her arm was also trapped in the machine before a bystander hit the emergency stop button.

The clip shows the girl crying in pain while her father comforts her. Others were desperately slamming the bottom of the machine. The mall staff brought a pair of scissors to cut a part of her hair to free her head. The shopping mall’s operations officer Jean Canetan also arrived on the scene and unscrewed the bottom of the machine to release her arm.

This is a big reminder for parents and guardians to always keep an eye and monitor their children especially when they use the escalator. Also, parents are greatly advised to comply with the safety measures before stepping into the escalator.

Watch the video below:

Mahigpit na alaala para sa mga magulang.Huwang na huwag bibitawan ang mga bata pag nasa escalator.Nangyari ito sa isang mall sa Davao City.Fb post by : Van Ne Sa

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