Older Sister Made Resume And Gives Her Fare After She Get’s Jealous Of The Viral Siblings On Facebook.

This older sister made resume and gives her fare after she get’s jealous of the viral siblings on Facebook.

The Chinese proverb said, “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.” To paraphrase it, instead of simply giving the man fish to eat, teach the man on how to get fish so he could feed himself for a lifetime. This means that instead of easily giving what people ask or want, we should teach them how to get it on their own. That’s exactly what this older sister did to her younger sister.

Recently, two siblings went viral on social media after the older brother gave his younger brother Php1,000 as allowance so he could play DOTA all he wants and still have money left for snacks. In the note he left, the older brother even told his young brother to spend all the money in one day because if he didn’t, he won’t give the kid any more money in future.

Many got envious of this younger brother, wishing that they also had siblings like his generous kuya. Many also tagged their siblings as they shared the viral post.

One of those is Princess Johara Narawi. However, her older sister did something more practical to grant her wish. Merriam Angela Narawi, Princess’ older sister, made her a resume with P20 attached to it so she can find a job to buy the things she wants.

While others think it was a joke, many praised Merriam’s action by teaching Princess to find a job instead of just simply giving her money to buy what she wants.

On a practical note, Princess is blessed to have her older sister who will guide her and teaches her what life is really all about. That instead of asking and asking for what she wants, Princess should look for a job and earn, not just to buy what she wants but also set her up for a better future.

Slacking and just asking our parents or siblings to buy something for us is an inherent concept of laziness. Nothing is more fulfilling than to get something from hard work and perseverance. As the bible says, faith without action is useless. So if you want to get what you want, especially the future you want to live in, you need to do something and I bet, you know what I mean.

As of writing, the post garnered 35k mixed reactions, 3.6k comment, and 16k shares.

Kudos to this elder sister!

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