Jackie Chan And His Crew Are Saved After Being Involved In A Massive Mudslide While Shooting A New Film.

Kung Fu Star Jackie Chan and his crew were involved in a massive mudslide while shooting a new thriller Film.

Jackie Chan became popular because of his dangerous stunts in his films and though he escaped passing many times as his characters, the Kung Fu star recently involved in a dramatic real-life rescue while shooting a new film together with his crew.

On his Weibo post, the 64-year-old Hong Kong martial arts icon revealed their vans got trapped in a massive mudslide in China while filming the action film “Project X”.

A picture posted by Jackie Chan on social media shows his and his colleagues’ vans were stuck in raging, muddy floodwaters after the crew encountered a mudslide last Friday. He said that all of the production trucks became stuck in rushing mud after mountain torrents suddenly occurred and it needs to be towed to safety by large hook trucks.

Many of the crew members became frightened but thankfully, all the trucks were towed to safety. According to the rescuers, the truck carrying Chan was completely wrecked by the floodwaters. One of the rescuers named Wang Li revealed that the front part of Chan’s truck was so damaged that only the engine was left.

‘The area is very prone to mudslides. As soon as it starts raining, flooding could happen,’ Wang said.

‘When the crew realised the situation, it was already too late, all of their trucks were stuck in the floodwaters,’ he added.

Luckily, all survived the catastrophe and the Jackie Chan expressed his utmost gratitude to everyone who helped them out.

‘I’d like to take this opportunity to say a heartfelt ‘thank you’ to all the people who came to help us and also ‘sorry’ to all the crew members who were frightened by the mudslide,’ Jackie Chan said.

The actor didn’t reveal what film he was shooting or where the film was set. But according to Pear Video, the incident took place in Helan Mountain in Ningxia in north-west China. The Chinese film site 1905 reported that Chan is shooting his new film Project X in the area.

The Project X is an action-thriller which also features American actor and former wrestling star John Cena. Moreover, Project X is directed by Scott Waugh and is due to be released in 2019.

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