Scammer Was Fooled By Its Victim And Posted Their Conversation On Social Media.

This scammer was fooled by his victim and posted their conversation on social media.

I guess all of us received a message from an unknown number or what we call scam messages. These messages might be asking us to load a phone with a certain amount of money, won a sum of money, a brand new car, a house and lot, or a particular relative abroad suddenly checks up on you.

Who would have thought and expected that you can win a whopping prize without joining any game shows or whatsoever? Well, these are all scams that will ask you for some amount of money. Unfortunately, many falls to it and others simply ignore it.

One Facebook user recently became viral after posting her conversation with a scammer. Instead of ignoring the message she received, she deals with it in a different approach. She even posted their conversation.

On the message, it was stated that she won a total of P650,000 from some random place. It will be given by the TZU CHI FOUNDATION. The sender introduced himself as Attorney John A. Mendez, their “representative.” He told her that in order to claim her “prize”, she just had to call back.

Instead of paying it no attention, she called the random number and this is their conversation.

It all started with her, thanking the Attorney for the prize. The person on the other line replied saying that she should not thank him but instead, thank the Lord. The netizen could not help but laugh at it. She then manages to compose herself and keep the pranking. While the phone call was going on, they talk a little longer with few explanations until she decided to drop her punchline.

She shouted one of the Philippines’ vicious curse words to the person on the other line. After this, she hung up the phone and finally released a series of laughter that she was held throughout the conversation. Her friend who was documenting the whole conversation while laughing the whole time.

As of writing, the post garnered 24k mixed reactions, 3k comments, and 2k shares.

Watch their hilarious conversation below:

Posted by Jeaneth Trisha Morales Paronda on Wednesday, July 18, 2018

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