Woman Left Her Boyfriend For Being Bankrupt Because Of Spending RM142 Million Buying Her Gifts.

This woman left her boyfriend for being bankrupt because of spending RM142 million buying her gifts.

Giving and buying gifts for your other half is part of loving him or her. But loving and being sweet doesn’t mean you go beyond your capacity, to point of being bankrupt because of it. That’s insanity!

The fact that you have given all they want to make them happy but at the end, they left you because you are suffering on the consequences of your actions and that’s tragic!

Just like what happen to this 29-year-old man from Hangzhou, the capital of China’s Zhejiang province spent so much money to pamper and spoil his girlfriend who currently facing prison time.

According to iFeng, the man was identified as Zhang Xiaoen who was born in a well-off family and grew up in a lavish kind of living. he could spend money on anything he wants and in fact living in a luxurious kind of living. But two years ago, he met the freelance model and live-streamer named Yang Yizhen who he spoiled with expensive gifts.

Base on Chinese media reports, Yang flaunting the luxury gifts she received from Zhang that includes designer clothes, branded handbags, expensive jewellery, cars and trips around the world. He apparently bought her a house and paid a down payment of 4 million yuan (RM2.38 million) for it.

But this expense is quite too much for Zhang and having no choice, he had to take 70 million yuan (RM41.7 million) from his father’s company to pay for his luxurious lifestyle. Then, he even manages to borrow money from his rich friends to spend it on a betting game so that he could cope up with his losses and pay back his father but instead, he lost a total of 170 million yuan (RM101.4 million).

Now, Zhang was financially broke and wasn’t able to return the money he borrowed. The lenders even lodge a police report to sue Zhang. Authorities apprehended Zhang and he admitted that he had made bad financial decisions. He also blamed Yang for encouraging him to engage in betting game when they travelled to Macau. Zhang was charged with fraud while Yang started working with the prosecutors and giving them evidence in a case against him.

Later, Yang started posting several photos with other men on social media after he left Zhang for being bankrupt. She probably moved on as soon as possible.

Apparently, Zhang has a daughter and a wife who was not aware of his relationship to Yang. To simply say it, Yang was a mistress.

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