Young Woman Sends Message To All Envious And Gossipers Who Judge Her Unusual Love Story.

In this world full of judgmental people, we can always expect that no matter how we make our lives perfect and flawless as possible, there are still people who will criticize us. Regardless of our good deeds, people often define us with the mistakes we committed than those good things we did. Also, they judge us by what they think wrong and unconventional towards us instead of supporting us with our happiness. This case usually happens especially when it comes to love, an unusual love story.

Just like this woman who proudly shared her unusual love story as she finally met the person who she wants to spend the rest of her life but many people think it’s wrong.

Recently, a netizen went viral after posting a lengthy post on Facebook, addressing all her haters and critics. She was prompted to write this after she gained disapproval from people because of her unusual love story with an older Japanese man. Many people quickly judged her and said that she was only after the money than love.

On the other hand, we cannot judge the people who think like this because there are many stories of young, beautiful woman who used their faces to hold the older man’s wallet.

Well, the 36-year age gap between them wasn’t easy to swallow. But instead of judging and throwing mean words at these people, let’s be open-minded and rather see it in a different way. In fact, the netizen claims that what they share is real love and there’s nothing wrong with that at all.

The caption read:

“Oo, mayaman sya as in mayaman besh! (hanap ka din kung maggustuhan ka) Pero wait lang, ung word na dahil lang sa pera nya kaya ako pumatol? Baka jan ka kumain ng bubog besh! “AGE IS JUST A NUMBER BUT MATURITY IS A CHOICE” kaya kung di mo alam yan, balakajan.”

“Tahimik akong tao. Di ako mapagpatol sa mga taong walang kwenta. Gusto ko lng ipaalam sainyo na ung mga paratang nyo? WELL.. BAHALA KAYO JAN HAHAHAHAHAHA.”

Of course, people who are quick to judge and gossip as part of their lives has no good intention but destroy someone’s credibility and image.

Let’s all be happy and share our support for them!

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