Security Guard Proves That You Don’t Need To Be Rich To Save Money After Doing The 100 Peso Money Challenge!

Some of us thought that to be able to save money, what we need first is to be rich or have a good income. But this security head recently proves that these are all wrong mindsets for he almost saved Php85k after doing the 100 Peso Money Challenge to himself.

Most of us could probably testify that saving money is quite a challenge, a difficult challenge to be exact. While saving money is a dilemma for some, others find it easy especially when they are saving for something they want and something they need.

Just like Sir Jesse Palerit, head of security at the Department of Agrarian Reform in Quezon City, Philippines, recently proves that you don’t have to be rich to save money as some of us thinks. He was inspired by many on the internet who does the money challenges and decided to do his own version which is the 100 peso money challenge.

The 37-year-old security head said that every time he has Php100 bills, he always put it inside his alkansiya (a piggy bank or a money box). He also does the same thing with the Php10 and Php5 coins.

Palerit had wanted to keep saving for the whole year. However, on the eleventh month, his alkansiya box was already full so he didn’t wait for the year to be completed.

The 100 peso money challenge makes him save Php84,515 in the past 11 months. The security head admitted that saving wasn’t easy for him. Indeed, this challenge is quite a challenge for him.

“This is just to encourage not only young people but also to all na ang pagtitipid at pag iipon ay npaka importante. Wala nmang pinipiling edad ang pag iipon. Ang importante may disiplina tayo sa sarili kong pano gumastos.”

“Hindi lng bibili tayo ng isang bagay dahil gusto natin ang tanung kilangan ba talagang bilhin? There’s a difference between wants and needs.”

“Yung P100 kasi ang nakikita kong maraming bills at madaling ipunin. Yun din yung sa tingin ko ay kaya ko. Pag may P100 na buo ako, di ko talaga ginagastos. Talagang pinasok ko lahat. May time pa nga na kahit gutom ako tinitiis ko muna basta di ko ibibili ang P100,” Palerit said to FHM.

His other sideline businesses such as loading and online ticketing business help fund his 100 peso money challenge. He also shared his plans for expanding his business by using the money he saved for the past months.

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