A Restaurant Owner Showed A Genuine Act Of Kindness To A Poor Boy!

If you think that good-natured and kind people don’t exist anymore, read the story of a poor boy who was surprised after a restaurant owner shows a genuine act of kindness to him.

It is a rotten belief that the world is full of judgemental human beings and they identify people the way they look or in physical appearance. Admit it or not, it becomes a way of life to other people. But as truer as it is, let’s not be hopeless about the fact that good and kind people still walking on the earth. There is and they still exist!

On the facebook page Filmelon, the story of a poor boy was featured which is a one perfect example fo this. A shabby-looking poor boy enters a small restaurant and you might probably think that he sleeps in the streets at first.


The customers inside the restaurant tried to avoid him and the owner himself even stepped up to the situation. The restaurant owner allowed the poor boy to stay somewhere away from the other customers. Later, the restaurant owner handed him two pieces of bread. The boy ate one of the bread and kept the other one in his pocket. He then paid for what he ordered and left the restaurant.


The restaurant owner went to where the boy was sitting and was surprised after he found a cash left by the boy as a tip for him even he treated him badly. The restaurant owner couldn’t hold back his tears as the realization sinks in. The owner went out to look for the boy but he was gone.


At the end of the video, the boy gave the bread he spare for his little sister.

The story of the poor boy is one perfect example that we should not judge people on the way they look but rather, on the content of the heart. Judging based on the physical appearance is not a good trait and people should learn how to treat people equally and fairly. Inner beauty is what matters and what real beauty is.

The restaurant owner showed a genuine act of kindness and this is something to be admired.

Watch the video below:

Don't judge someone by their clothes.

Watch this until the end and try not to tear up. :(Courtesy: George Varghese | Follow Us @ us | Go viral 🙂

Posted by Filmelon on Thursday, June 14, 2018

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