Foreign Guy Explains The Reason Why Filipinos Don’t Get Rich!

Deny it or not, Filipinos generally have poor money habits and these explain why Filipinos don’t get rich. Pinoys have some unique money habits and mindsets that are questionable and need some realizations, painful but true.

Instead of discipline and personal financial management especially on their hard-earned money, Filipinos usually rely on their incredible tolerance for whatever struggles that might come their way. However, there are some Filipino traits that are considered good like being family-oriented and as a typical Filipino home, parents, and their children lives in under one roof which sometimes extends to some other family members and relatives living together.

Recently, a foreign guy explains different factors related to money that stopping Filipinos to be more well-off.

One Facebook user named David DiMuzio answered the question, “Why Filipinos don’t get rich?”

First, David introduced himself as someone who came from a very poor family. When he was young, he recalled that he only wears hand-me-down clothes and has seen his mom raise him and his 5 siblings.

But now, he is earning millions of dollars as a performer and out of his investments. He also shared that he is able to help his relatives and friends by giving them an opportunity and he’s proud of it.

According to David, he once went on a date with a Filipina nurse who has no money and savings at all. But he was surprised after he learned that she still supporting her family out of the money she earns.

On the video, David said that as a person who works from paycheck to paycheck, it should not be anyone’s responsibility to give money to their relatives. He quotes the Chinese proverb saying, “You should never give fish to a man instead, you should teach him how to fish.”

David said that this saying should be imperative to all working Filipinos who cannot save money for themselves because they take the responsibility for the welfare of their family. At the end of the video, he reminded every Filipino that giving your relatives and friends their own opportunity to find a greener pasture is better than just easily giving them money.

We, Filipinos should be proud that we are unique in our own way and be proud of who we are. Let’s also be thankful for the unique traits that made us popular around the world such as our extraordinary care to our family members especially to our elderlies. But let us also admit that there are some traits that we really need to change especially in terms of money.

Watch the video below:


Why FILIPINOS Don't Get RICHVideo by David DiMuzio

Posted by Tee Radio on Saturday, December 16, 2017

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