Jose Mari Chan Songs Ushers In The Holiday Season!

Christmas is the most anticipated and joyous season of the year. Christmas songs are played everywhere, family gatherings right and there, and people are busy shopping for Christmas gifts. For Filipinos, this season is incomplete without the songs of Jose Mari Chan played in all malls, establishments, and homes.

Jose Mari Chan is popularly known for his Christmas songs that became the country’s anthem and sang by all ages. With its catchy melodies and easy to memorize lyrics, no one could hold back themselves but sing.

His bestselling Christmas songs such as ‘Christmas in our hearts’ and ‘A perfect Christmas’ are one of the most popular holiday songs that usher the holiday season. His songs are perfect to remember the reason for the season, the birth of our savior and Lord, Jesus Christ.

‘Christmas in Our Hearts’ gives us nostalgia and allow us to feel innocent kids again as the song belonged in the here and now. His single ‘A Perfect Christmas’ makes us fall in love with the perfect ideas on how to celebrate the Christmas Spirit.

For Filipinos, September 1st is the beginning of the countdown to Christmas, otherwise known as the ‘Ber months’. This one of the most important tradition that makes Filipinos unique. Also, Filipinos don’t just administer the Christmas spirit only during the season but every single day as the season teaches us to rise above any obstacles and be hopeful, to love without condition and to give generously.

For the record, no one celebrates this season more than Filipinos. In fact, the Philippines is known for celebrating the longest Christmas season in the world and many foreigners chose to spend their Christmas here in the Philippines. As we enter the Ber months, the season is starting to get into our nerves.

Watch the performance of Jose Mari Chan as he sings ‘ A Perfect Christmas’:


#Agenda | Watch as OPM icon Jose Mari Chan sings an excerpt of his hit song "A Perfect Christmas" on #Agenda.

Posted by ONE News on Friday, August 31, 2018

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