Lady With Her “No To Edit Fats” Photos Praised By Netizens!

“Snap, edit, filter, and post” is the motto of most of us before we post our photos online. Being beautiful and fit in photos is now achievable and easier more than before. But a particular lady recently gained praised from netizens with her “No To Edit Fats” photos.

Nowadays, there are a lot of apps and filters available on phones and you don’t even need Photoshop skills to get those superb-looking and Instagramable photos.

On the negative side, this editing and filtering could actually lower the self-esteem of many people, especially the young people who think they need to look perfect for everyone to like them. It is a wrong mindset social media has fed us. In fact, the more it is simple and raw, the more it becomes beautiful.

The social media has taught us to show the facade of perfections and forget what we really feel, what we really look like. It leads us to embrace someone else than loving our own selves.

Martina Gozun is like any young girl. She used to have a mindset that she needs to look perfect and keep up with this perfection in social media. This means she needs to starve herself to avoid getting fat and achieve a flat tummy.

But recently, the young lady went viral on social media after posting a photo celebrating her body, fats and all. She wrote on Twitter:

“I asked Miguel to not edit my fats. I love how my body is right now and I never want to go back to that toxic mentality na I need to have a flat tummy to look good. It was toxic for me I’m not sure lang sa inyo ah but yeah grateful lang share ko lang :)”.

Many netizens were impressed and admired Martina because of her no to edit fats photos. She also became an inspiration to young ladies to accept her body regardless of the bulging tummy or any imperfection that people say. While others admire her, there are also people who think that she’s just trying to gain attention.

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