Hilarious Video Of A Guy Felt Ticklish While Being Tattooed And Couldn’t Stop Laughing!

While others criticized people who got a tattoo, more and more people are open to getting inked. And while it is painful for some, this particular guy felt ticklish while being tattooed and couldn’t stop laughing throughout the process.

Getting tattooed is still deemed taboo in many countries, however, there are still people who get tattoos for own personal reasons. These include artistic freedom, a way of expressing themselves, rebellion, displaying their personal narrative, spiritual or cultural traditions, etc.

We all know that this process is painful and not all can withstand the pain. Also, other people are scared of the possible infections and allergic reactions after they get tattooed. While this is understandable for some, that’s not the case for this particular guy who felt ticklish instead of pain.

Recently, a hilarious video of a guy felt ticklish while being tattooed went viral and made everyone burst into laughter.


Many netizens considered this guy lucky as he felt ticklish instead of pain others felt during the process. Instead of running away because of the pain, this guy was seen in the video laughing so hard as the tattoo artist pierced his skin.

Evidently, this guys was so ticklish while being tattooed and couldn’t stop laughing throughout the process. The tattoo artist got annoyed but also couldn’t stop laughing as well.

The said video posted by a netizen named Nonoy Calolot Samar spread good vibes and laughter to those who watched the footage. As of writing, the post gained 12K mixed reactions, 45K shares, and 2.4 million views.

Watch the video below:

Sa lahat ng tina tattoo ito lang yong tumatawa imbis na nasasaktan..

Posted by Nonoy Calolot Samar on Friday, August 31, 2018

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