Smart Puppy Who Answer Math Problems, Caught The Attention Of Netizens!

Dogs show an exceptional ability humans least expected of them. This creature is deemed one of the most amazing creatures because of its diverse potential in doing things, even surpass our expectations. With that in mind, let’s include this smart puppy who answer math problems!

Social media has become a medium for undiscovered talents, even of animals. There are numerous posts of pooches that went viral on social media that shocked and amazes the online community.

Recently, a video of a puppy went viral on social media because of its ability to answer math problems. This smart puppy who answer math problems went viral as it caught the attention of many netizens.

In the video, you can see a man sitting in front of his young dog holding up a card which had a specific number on it. Later, he called the attention of the dog and said:


Upon hearing its owner, the cute puppy barked once as the card read “1” on it. Then the man followed up with a card that read 3. The smart puppy immediately responded after hearing his coach command by barking three times.

They did this stint for a few more times but with different numbers. The smart puppy did not fail the test. This time, we are convinced that this smart puppy is a mathematician! LOL.

The owner later decided to take the task to the next level. The man started to flashcards with basic addition and multiplication, and division equations are written on it instead of just single numbers. The little dog gave its answer by barking a specific number of times.

This form of training takes some time and effort for a pooch to perfectly does it. As you can see, the owner gave the dog treats everytime it answered correctly.

Many netizens got amazed at the dog and expressed their amusement to it. Some even commented a jokes saying that this dog is smarter than them and wish all dogs are like that.

As of writing, the post gained 370 mixed reactions, 200 shares, and 20K views.

Watch the video below:

Puppy Math Genius

Puppy nga kamao og arithmetic. Kuyaw ani kung 1M ang answer. :)credit: @bernie.reyes.92#GoodVibesSaCCR

Posted by Cebu Citizen Report on Saturday, February 24, 2018

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