“Oatmeal Girl” Shared Her Fat To Slim Transformation And Her Secret In Achieving This Sexy Figure!

Every woman dream to have a fit and sexy figure. However, the process of achieving a dream body figure requires hard work and perseverance. With all mouthwatering food, diet is far too achievable. But because of her determination to attain her life goal, her ‘fat to slim’ transformation is inspiring thousands of teenager and obese who tagged her “Oatmeal girl”.

Nowadays, the rate of obese people continues to increase. The main culprit is the unhealthy diet caused by eating unhealthy food and also, inappropriate eating diet or let’s say gluttony.

Thanks to social media platforms that enable us to gain knowledge about a healthier lifestyle. In fact, there are several stories that already inspired us of their fit to slim transformation.

Recently, a teenager named Tyrine Nika Mabanag shared her journey to effectively losing weight by only eating oatmeal. On her Facebook account, she uploaded her before and after photos with her encouraging story that will surely inspire people.

The secret of her fat to slim transformation? She lived up eating oatmeal from breakfast to dinner, but she clarified that she also paired it with exercise and a healthy lifestyle. Because of that diet, she was dubbed as “Oatmeal girl”.

Before the “Oatmeal girl” weighs 70kg but after spending numerous hours jogging, doing squats, sit-ups, push-ups, and jumping jacks, she managed to lose 21 kgs. Tyrine also said that she avoided eating at fast food restaurants and junk food, and water is also her best friend in cleansing her body of toxins.

Moreover, she limits herself with only 2,000 calories per day. But the “Oatmeal girl” revealed that she has cheat days but still counts as her calories for the day.

Many netizens praised her for her determination and many at her age got inspired with her fit to slim transformation. The “Oatmeal girl” also said that many were curious about how she did her fat to slim transformation. In fact, she revealed her secret in her post.

As of writing, the post earned 20K mixed reactions, 12K comments, and 18K shares.

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