Former  ‘Iskolar ng Bayan’ Became A Millionaire At 26, Inspired Many Netizens!

If you still think that poverty is a stumbling block in achieving our life goals, perhaps you understand what futility meant? A former  ‘Iskolar ng Bayan’ became a millionaire at 26 and that only proves poverty couldn’t cripple a person from obtaining his dreams in life.

A former ‘Iskolar ng Bayan’ named Jhay-r Reyes is like most of us. He also came from a poor family and became an ‘Iskolar ng Bayan’ at the Polytechnic University of the Philippines (PUP). But a few years later after he graduated, this 26-year-old man became a millionaire.

You might probably ask how this former ‘Iskolar ng Bayan’ became a millionaire at 26. This is how!

On the Facebook post shared by Reyes, he revealed how he had once dreamed of becoming a millionaire at 26, having not just millions in the bank but also with a car and home to call his own. But as a poor scholar, this dream seemed vague and steep to achieve. But this former ‘Iskolar ng Bayan’ became a millionaire at 26, making his dream into a reality.

He also revealed that the road toward this life he had now is not easy. He said that he quit several jobs and actually had 5 employers in the span of 4 years. His dad also got sick for 2 years also suffered from health issues due to stress. But he managed to deal with those setbacks and struggles.

An excerpt from his post read:

“But those challenges never changed the dream i want to achieve. When you dream, make it a goal and for you to achieve your goal, you should move to achieve those goals and stop compalining and whining about the things you cant control. Started with an investment of 4 digits (9100+) exactly 10yrs ago while studying as a skolar ng bayan in PUP and trade i guess more than 1000 buys and sells to make it what it is now. And now im 26yrs old, late by one year but i guess its better be late than never right?

Is it not too late for achieving his dream at the age of 26 right? Not judging people but there are a lot of people at his age that has no permanent job, no income, or if there is, still struggling because it’s not enough.

“Every cents, peso i have now came from investments, stocks to be specific. This house came from one stock, and that car came from one stock also. Without any debt, without fooling other people.”

“Pinilit ko abutin ang aking mga pangarap ng walang nilolokong tao, walang inaapakan, walang pinagsamantalahan.”

Now, the former poor scholar owns a 2-story home at Crown Asia Antipolo and has an SUV, without mentioning his money in the bank. As of writing, the post earned 2.8K mixed reactions, 148 comments, and 589 shares.

Kudos to you Sir!

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