Dancing Soldiers Showed Off Their Amazing Dance Moves!

Soldiers are physical embodiment of strength, bravery, and discipline. But did you know that some of them are beyond that? Apparently, there are soldiers who have hidden talents especially in the field of dancing and singing. Just like these dancing soldiers who went viral after showing off their dance moves.

We might think that they are tough and serious-looking officers but for some instances, we get to see their funny side as well. Listed as one of the risky kind of jobs, being a soldier is not a joke. But despite the fact, they also find time to have fun and just do what they love to do.

In a viral video posted on the Facebook page Sacrifice Online Radio, we get to see a soldier and his comrades showing off their dance moves in front of the camera.

The post is captioned:

“Hindi lahat ng sundalo sa bakbakan lang sila magaling yung iba magaling din sumayaw..Galing ni sir mukhang nageenjoy sa pagsasayaw.”

Wearing a famous camouflage combat uniform, we can see a soldier having fun while looking like a pro as he freely danced to the tune of the funky song that was playing. We also get to witness his comrades grooving at the background. The soldier seems so happy and enjoying the dancing as he was seen smiling on camera.

This is not what we expect to see for soldiers and the rest of his troops. But according to some sources, these brave men also do other recreational activities such as singing during their free time. In this, we get to see the other side of these brave men.

Some netizens suggested that this one way of coping up with pressure, loneliness and being homesick for soldiers. They fight for our country and making sure the safeguard of its citizens. They pay the price for our safety so let’s give them the respect and honor due to them.

Netizens were asking if what nationality are they but one commenter said they’re Indonesian soldiers. As of writing, the said post earned 41K mixed reactions, 45K shares, and 1.4M views.

Watch video of these dancing soldiers below:

Hindi lahat ng sundalo sa bakbakan lang sila magaling yung iba magaling din sumayaw..Galing ni sir mukhang nageenjoy sa pagsasayaw

Posted by Sacrifice Online Radio on Monday, June 25, 2018

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