Stray Dogs Run In Fear After Barking With A Brave Kid!

Dogs are considered as man’s best friend. However, there are times when they get irritated and became unpredictable. Some people are afraid of these pooches especially with stray and street dogs scattered elsewhere. Instead of running for his life, stray dogs run in fear after barking with a brave kid. LOL!

A person that has fear of dogs have a phobia called Cynophobia. Cynophobia comes from the Greek words that mean “dog” (cyno) and “fear” (phobia). Individuals with this kind of fear experienced more than just feeling uncomfortable with barking or being around dogs. This phobia might interfere with daily life and trigger a number of symptoms like trouble breathing or dizziness.

Dr. Timothy O. Rentz of the Laboratory for the Study of Anxiety Disorders at the University of Texas, animal phobias are among the most common of the specific phobias and 36% of patients who seek treatment report being afraid of dogs or cats, according to Wikipedia.

Dogs barking are really intimidating. In fact, dogs do more than just bark from a distance. They will begin to chase you or worst, bite you. That’s so scary and intense to be stuck in that situation right?

Recently, a video of a kid being chased by stray dogs has a totally different take on this situation. Because instead of attacking, these stray dogs run in fear after barking with a brave kid.

The video was uploaded on the Facebook page OFW Likers and earned 123K reactions, 166K shares, and 6.2M views.

There are several tips on how to escape being chased by a dog while riding a bike. StackExchange, a forum that discusses several topics suggest the following solutions and techniques that could possibly help you in case you are caught in this kind of situation.

1. If you are speeding up, slow down.

2. Get off your bike if the problem is a big size is a problem.

3. In case he thinks you’re a culprit, let it smell you.

4. Most domestic dogs calm with a friendly look. Doing that probably is a big help.

5. If you see a dog that is sure to bark on you, change your approach. Get off your bike, start walking with it.

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