Elderly Woman With Super Amazing Strength, Hailed As Super Grandma!

This elderly woman with super amazing strength can still do vigorous exercises like a Super Grandma.

We have this conventional image of an elderly such as frail and weak. As they age, most of them got diseases and can no longer do things as they used to because their health deteriorates. From about the age of 30, the density of bones begins to diminish in men and women. This loss of bone density accelerates in women after menopause. As a result, bones become more fragile and are more likely to break, especially in old age, according to MSD Manual.

But while this is true to most elderly men and women, a particular granny beg to differ. She simply proves that though she’s in advanced age, she can still perform and do vigorous activities that only youngsters could do.

In the video that features this unidentified “Super Grandma”, she showed that she can manage to overcome extraneous activities. She can be seen in the video hanging in the monkey bars, carrying herself without any trace of difficulty from one bar to the other.

At one point, she can be seen curling up with her legs balanced on a parallel structure. She was also seen hanging in a reverse manner on the same parallel structure.

Apparently, the strength of our “Super Grandma” is incomparable to people of her age and even to the younger ones. As of writing, the video garnered 542 reactions, 767 shares, and 585K views.

Watch the video of our Super Grandma below:

Posted by TestClips คลิปฮาและมีสาระ on Sunday, September 2, 2018

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