Young Painter On The Street Amazes Many With His Raw Talent.

Most of us probably love paintings, however, not all can actually paint nor draw. It is quite a mystery why some people are good at drawing and others aren’t. With that in mind, a talented young painter on the street amazes everyone because of his raw talent.

Drawing is often considered a gift you either have or as many a frustrated artist will testify don’t have. Scientists said that some are born with natural talents and anyone can learn to draw. Well, that when the phrase “you can’t have it all” makes sense.

Recently, a video posted by Mr. Sergio Gilmar Filgueira immediately went viral featuring a talented young painter on the street. The boy was making an art out of his hands, fingers and a couple of his painting materials.

Without any expensive or modern tools use in painting such as canvass, paints, or paintbrush, many got amazed with his authentic and raw talent. The talented young painter on the street could make an art piece for five minutes.

Researchers at University College London believe that those individuals who can’t draw are not seeing the world as it really is and simply need to work on their visual skills. They say that our preconceptions often cloud the way we perceive objects, leading us to distort them when we put pencil to paper.

On the other hand, good drawers or painters have a more refined way of perceiving objects and putting them on the page.

Rebecca Chamberlain, a psychologist who led the research, said:

‘Most people probably don’t become proficient because they don’t practice enough, and also they are put off by early failure – “It doesn’t look anything like it”.’

As of writing, the video gained 439K reactions, more than 1.8M shares, and 69M views.

Watch the video of this talented young painter on the street below:

Prometi a esse jovem artista por nome Lucas,de Porto de Galinhas-PE, divulgar o seu trabalho, no vídeo ele diz que é melhor trabalhar do que roubar, um exemplo pra muitos que acham que a melhor saída é seguir por caminhos tortuosos! Compartilhem!#promessacumprida

Posted by Sergio Gilmar Filgueira on Friday, August 25, 2017

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