This Talented Senior Citizen Stunned Everyone With His Incredible Talent.

While some people believed that they don’t have any gifts or talent at all, I beg to differ because God has created us all with equally distinct abilities we know nothing of. Regardless of age and gender, we are so blessed in our own unique way. With that in mind, this talented senior citizen stunned everyone with his incredible talent.

We have this conventional image of senior citizens such as frail and weak. We have this image of them sitting on a rocking chair, lying in bed most of the time or unable to do things without any help. But did you know that some elderly can do stuff amazingly more than those who are younger? Think of that!

On this viral video posted on social media, a talented senior citizen sung“Tears in Heaven”, popularized by Mr. Eric Clapton. But aside from his very calm and comforting voice, this talented senior citizen could also play guitar and can still play the piano very well.

Many got surprised because, at his age, he sang and played the instruments very well. Social media enthusiasts commented on the video and expressed their astonishment with the talent the elderly man has.

This talented senior citizen only proves that age is just a number and only carabaos get old. We may underestimate our beloved senior citizen but see, they can do amazing things like those younger ones and professional as well.

As of writing, the video gained 7.9K reactions, 9.3K shares, and 1.1 million views.

Watch the video of this talented senior citizen below:

Posted by Sisin Deiparine Merced on Sunday, September 9, 2018

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