Cleanest Public Market In The Philippines, Even The CR Is Surprisingly Clean!

In the Philippines, we always have this image of a wet market like stinky, dirty and musty. These are the results of improper waste disposal, less sanitation, and overpopulation. But among the markets in the country, there is one that is above others. Take a look at the cleanest public market in the Philippines.

The market in the Philippines has been regarded as dirty and stinky, populated of fresh cuts of meat and marketing food products. Because of the overcrowding states, some markets became unclean and less sanitized. That’s the main reason why people prefer to go to supermarkets and malls to buy their basic needs.

Despite poor reviews of the local markets, most Filipinos still choose to go to these establishments because of the freshness of the goods at a cheaper price and could get lower through haggling.

Recently, one market in Bukidnon went viral on social media and caught the attention of the netizens. Why is that? This particular wet market establishment has an amazing sanitation and cool ambiance that people really admired.

One Facebook user named Kyle “Kulas” Jennerman uploaded some photos of this wet market displays a very unique cleanliness. The view is really opposite to the so-called flea market in the Philippines. With that, Maramag Public Market is hailed as the “Cleanest Wet Market in the Philippines”.

Aside from the cleanliness of the market, many people also got surprised with the cleanliness of the sanitary toilets which are groomed neatly and maintained properly unlike other public toilets. The netizen also said that there are also sections of stalls and counters that have fine granite materials which also has a proper ventilation that promotes a pleasing scent, unlike those ordinary wet market.

This only proves that cleanliness and good sanitary in our public markets is attainable. With the joined forces of people, the government and the vendors, we could change the conventional image of our local markets. Let’s always remember: “Cleanliness is next to Godliness.”

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