Disabled Man Continues To Carry A Sack Of Cement Despite His Condition

It may be saddening to know but a lot of people with disabilities are often discriminated.

What’s more saddening is that the people around them are often those who are outcasting them.

Even though they act like normal people, others underestimate these people with disabilities. Others look down on them while there are some who think that they are not worthy to work, to study or to live in the current society.

But there are those who provide that this belief is not true.

This disabled man shows that he can serve as an inspiration to those who have the same fate, and even those who are born normal with no disabilities.

The Disabled Man Who Served As An Inspiration

In a viral video which opened the eyes of many netizens, two men were seen standing on the age of a truck carrying several bags of cement.

At first glance, anyone would think that these two men who are working as construction workers are both normal. They are carrying the sacks of cement from the truck to the store nearby.

[Image Credit: เพจคลิป / Facebook]
But as the video progressed, it’s then revealed that the other man had his legs amputated. In order to walk and carry the heavy load on his back, he had to use a walking stick.

Anyone can tell that he’s having a hard time balancing himself and the bag of cement with the walking stick.

[Image Credit: เพจคลิป / Facebook]
After several attempts, he successfully delivered the bag to the storage room.

This video of the disabled man touched the hearts and inspired a lot of netizens.

He bravely faced the challenge and worked hard until he reached his goal. No matter how hard it is, he did not lose hope.

[Image Credit: เพจคลิป / Facebook]
Watch the full clip here and be inspired:

Posted by เพจคลิป on Monday, September 10, 2018


It is a shame that in the world today, people with complete body parts and better living condition are choosing to stay lazy and rely on other people just to live comfortably.

We hope that the disabled man inspired you to continue working hard to reach your goal.

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