62-Year-Old Blind Man Sells Coconuts And Broomsticks To Earn A Living

Life is indeed expensive right now. The prices of all the products are continuously increasing even if our salaries are not.

If you walk around EDSA, you might notice that there are more people asking others for money or food. The number of snatchers or thieves increased too.

62-Year-Old Blind Man Makes A Living Out Of Coconuts

But instead of relying on other people’s pity, this impressive 62-year-old blind man makes a living for himself. He makes and sells coconut broomsticks to feed himself so that he’ll not rely on asking other people for money.

Mang Eliseo’s story has been recently featured in Tunay na Buhay.

In a report made by GMA News, Many Eliseo sells an average of three broomsticks which costs P20.00 each. With the P60.00 he earns on a daily basis, he uses it to buy a two-day meal.

[Image Credit: Pamatmat Kevin / Facebook]

Piercing Your Heart And Soul

A Facebook user named Pamatmat Kevin, who is the main source of the story, shared that he saw the old man at Sitio Bangkatan in Nagcarlan, Laguna. Upon seeing him, the situation pierced his heart and soul because the blind man is fighting despite his condition.

Sa panahon ngayon marami ang malalakas ang katawan na kayang magtrabaho. Subalit puro reklamo at walang pakundangan sinasayang ang buong araw sa mga bagay na walang halaga.

Pero ang pobreng ito na wala ni makitang liwanag. Subalit sa gitna ng dilim ay nabubuhay siya upang patuloy na magliwanag ang kanilang kinabukasan. At mabuhay sila sa hamon ng mundong ito.

[Image Credit: Pamatmat Kevin / Facebook]
Mang Eliseo even climbs the coconut tree himself to look for the coconuts to sell as well as the coconut leaf for his broomsticks.

He admits that it is hard to make and sell the coconut broomsticks, especially for a blind man like him. However, he prefers to work hard and not rely on other people’s alms since he is still strong and can still earn a living.

[Image Credit: Pamatmat Kevin / Facebook]

Watch the video here:

Posted by Pamatmat Kevin on Thursday, August 23, 2018


Your condition is not a hindrance to work hard. If Mang Eliseo can earn a living for himself and continue with the challenges of life, you can definitely do it too!

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