5 K-pop Dance Moves Banned On TV

When you hear the word Korea, what comes to your mind? The food, the Korean dramas, and of course, their music, which is popularly known as K-pop!

Korea is known for their colorful and catchy songs complete with energetic and explosive performances, notable clothes, and creative dances. This is why K-pop captures the hearts of many people all over the globe. Thanks to K-pop, more and more people are drawn to the Korean culture.

But did you know that the Government of Korea has strict rules and regulations when it comes to the contents that their citizens are hearing and watching?

[Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons]

5 K-pop Dance Moves Banned By the Government of South Korea

You may or may not be aware of it, but there are some sexy dance moves from Korean groups which are completely banned in South Korea.

Full Moon by Sunni

Sunmi, a famous solo performer and former member of the hit Wonder Girls, performed a sensual leg split in her music video for Full Moon. Since the Korean government deems leg splitting as not appropriate for TV, she had to redo some of her choreography during her TV performances.

Mirror Mirror by 4Minute

Similar to Sumni’s Full Moon, the music video of 4Minute’s Mirror Mirror features certain parts where the members had to kneel and spread their legs apart. In order to perform the song on TV during promotions, 4Minute axed the move in their choreography.

Mini Skirt by AOA

As the title goes, a lot of people would expect that the girls of AOA will be dressed in mini skirts. Although it is not banned by the government, there is a part in the music video which is deemed unnecessary for TV: And that is a little butt wiggle. Because of this, AOA was completely banned from performing on all non-cable networks in South Korea.

Up and Down by EXID

There are certain parts in the song of EXID where they had to move up and down. And in this case, they had to do hip thrusts, which is too risqué for public viewing. But thanks to the iconic move, EXID earned a name for themselves after a fan cam of Hani went viral on South Korea.

Move by 4L

Sometimes, a video is really “too sexy” that even other countries banned it. This is the case for 4L’s Move. Even if the members are having fun while performing for their dance, the Media Regulatory Board rated it as 19+ and was not allowed to be performed on stage or on TV.

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