Poor Student With No Laptop Prints Out All Her Visual Aids

Can you still remember the times when you had report while you were still studying?

Your teachers will either group you with your other classmates or you have to research by yourself and report it in front of your class.

Plus, you need to prepare everything: And that includes writing your presentation in a cartolina or Manila paper.

Pretty nostalgic, right?

But thanks to the advanced technology today, students are no longer using cartolina or Manila paper when reporting. Instead, they are making use of PowerPoint presentations, even those in the elementary school levels!

Unfortunately, not all students have access to computers or the internet. Even if there are a lot of internet shops and smartphones readily available, those from remote villages or poor families cannot get their hands on them.

Poor Student Who Doesn’t Have A Laptop

So what will happen if a teacher requires all of her students to use a laptop and a PowerPoint presentation to report in class? What will a poor student do?

This is the dilemma that a student faced when her teacher required her to make a presentation for their report. Although she have access to a computer, she didn’t have a laptop.

According to the teacher, they have to find a way to solve the problem: And that is to print out the entire report! The poor student posted all the print outs up on the board for everyone to see.

[Image Credit: @Ah_ahmazing / Twitter]
The student delivered her report well, despite not having a PowerPoint presentation. This impressed the teacher who posted the photo on Twitter.

Teacher: Ready your report tomorrow, huh? Powerpoint.
Student: Yes, sir. Pero wala po akong laptop, sir.
T: Please find a way.

Next morning… Salute to this girl. I love you

A lot of netizens were inspired by this young lady for immediately finding a way to solve her problems. However, there were also those who slammed the teacher for requiring his students to use a laptop and for not lending them his own.

She is a working student who needs to work 6 hours a day before going to class. I understand if she was not able to transfer her visual aids to a more appropriate paper for she has no time at all. Yet she delivered perfectly everything in her report, detail by detail

The teacher also added that the poor student is a working student, which made her even more impressive.

Are you impressed by this lady’s determination too?

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