Father Feeds His Daughter Jollibee Meal, Sacrifices Hunger

This father feeds his daughter a lifetime of love.They say that a mother’s love is the best love a person can ever receive in his life but a father’s love is also something worth mentioning.A father’s love may not be obvious but it is also full of sacrifices for their children. Many fathers endure hunger or resist buying their own needs first. They do that because they would rather provide for their children. The uploaded video from Annalexis Abdulla Dabbang on Facebook is garnering praises on Social Media. That’s because it centers on a loving father who gives his daughter a Jollibee meal.

Father Feeds HIs Daughter

The father feeds his daughter while going hungry so that she will have a full stomach and feel energized. This moment gave everyone buckets full of tears. Everyone feels touched and inspired for the loving father who is risking his own hunger. The netizens can’t help but give praises to him because the pictures shows that even through poverty, a man can still be a good provider. It’s also an inspiring tale of father and daughter love despite the circumstances they have in life.

Father feeds his daughter


While most of us worship our mothers because of their contribution to our lives, there are times that we forget the role of fathers in our lives. This is a very timely video as the father feeds his daughter showing how truly admirable guys can be too. They may not be affectionate as mothers or showy but they know how and when to exercise their role as a father figure in someone’s life. This video goes to show that it’s about time we also give fathers the appreciation they deserve. Although this father can’t give his daughter everything she needs, she is definitely receiving the love she deserves from the greatest man in her life.

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