Lovers Reunited Despite the Obstacles They Faced

Lovers reunited is one of the most inspiring stories circulating in the internet. This story about a man who came from the lowest caste in India called ‘Untouchable’ sends many feelings of encouragement for people who are having a hard time with their own love stories.

Lovers Reunited

Pradyumna Kumar Mahanandia had his fortune told and according to it, he is going to meet a woman who is not from India and he won’t be having arranged marriage. This woman is born under the Taurus sign of the Zodiac, plays flute and owns a large size of land or forest.

Lovers Reunited

He finally meet that girl. She is Charlotte Von Schedvin who is from Sweden and was only visiting India. Pradyumna is an artist and he sells portraits in his youth in Delhi.

So, when Charlotte passed by his spot, he was very interested because she seems to be what the fortune teller is describing. The two fall in love and have a traditional wedding in his village. If there’s a story about lovers reunited, that’s because at one point they had to go their separate ways.

Lovers Reunited

This is what happened between the two. They go on their separate ways for 16 months but wrote letters to each other. Pradyumna, however missed Charlotte so much so decided to sell of of his belongings and met her.

The flight ticket was expensive and after selling everything he had, it was still not enough to buy. Pradyumna was able to buy a seondhand bicycle though for only 60 rupees or USD0.91. He went on a journey to Sweden from India having only 200 rupees or USD3.03 as pocket money.

Lovers Reunited

He arrived in Sweden after a challenging trip but he says that’s it’s all worth it. It’s because even though they were separated, he and Charlotte are now lovers reunited. They even have kids to prove their love for each other.

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