Baby Outshines Dad by Singing the National Anthem

This baby outshines his dad by singing the national anthem of their country. At first, the dad is the one singing but the baby is also eager with what his dad is doing so he joins. He can’t actually pronounce many of the words so it’s more like humming to the song. The dad wanted the attention but when baby sings, he is the star. This cute baby waved his hands up in the air and showed his teeth as he performs.

From just joining his dad and smiling as he watches, this baby outshines dad when he can’t control his singing anymore. Dad recorded it on video to show the world how good his baby is. Everyone loved the little one for being all smiles and looking wonderful and babies are always nice to look at especially when they’re happy. This is just a simple video of a baby who outshines his dad but what’s endearing are his moves and how cute he is.

Baby outshines dad

The baby outshines dad and wowed netizens because at a very young age he is already smart and energetic. The video is now viral and still going strong because of the cute moves of this baby. There are times when he would also be wide-eyed and looking at his dad. Maybe he is watching his dad shows some moves too.

The parents of this baby boy may really be happy for having a son like him. Parents want their children to enjoy life and be carefree while continuing to learn. This early, he shows signs that he will be a healthy kid. With his parents guidance and his eagerness to learn, he can be a thriving person someday. It’s important that parents give as much time as they can to their children for their wellbeing. Good thing his dad is there to have fun with him.

This baby sings a cute tune that makes you say WOW!

Baby Helps Dad Sing U.S. National Anthem

This baby has some serious singing skills! 🎶

Posted by Poke My Heart on Tuesday, April 17, 2018

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