Proud Wife Uploads Photos with Husband to Slam People who Undervalue Their Relationship

This proud wife knows just what to do when she her relationship with her husband is always a cause for gossip. Dengs San Pedro is a beautiful woman. She  has a white complexion that’s why the people around her feels that her husband is no match to her beauty. Dengs on the other hand isn’t after his looks. She loves him and he loves her so that’s all that matters.

Proud wife

Everyone around her says that he is no match for her because of his appearance. He is dark-skinned and here in the Philippines, people like white complexion. But this Dengs don’t care what they say. She also said that this notion about beauty and appearance should stop. The photo she uploaded went viral but people were so quick to say that he is no match for her. Some netizens are so judgemental that they are worried if he can make her happy.

Proud wife

According to Dengs, her husband is the love of her life and the only one who can make her happy. He is the most handsome person to her and the most loving so she couldn’t ask for more. These photos show that they are really happy together. It’s not always about the looks but how one carries himself. If this guy can make Dengs happy then that’s the most important thing and not other people’s opinion.

Proud wife

This proud wife shows that is not always about looks but how two people deal about their relationship. It’s easy to listen to what other people say but sometimes it’s not for the best. The relationship of Dengs and her husband seems to be going strong despite people looking down on them. Maybe it’s time that people just mind their own business and be happy for others. What do you think about Dengs and her husband?

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