Coco Martin Drives Luxurious Cars to be the Envy of the Netizens

Coco Martin has come a long way. From being extra in Indie Films, he is now the envy of many of his colleagues and his fans. He is a successful artist, he has business and he is a very rich guy for his age. The star has appeared in many soap operas (teleseryes) in the Philippines like Walang Hanggan, Minsan Lang Kita Iibigin, Tayong Dalawa, Ikaw Lamang and many more. He is currently starring in FPJ’s ang Probinsyano. He also has a collection.

This is one of his expensive collection. He likes luxury vehicles. It seems that he is the type of guy who likes to do extreme sports like off-roading. This vehicle can do that. Coco Martin also looks good in this photo. No wonder fans especially girls are always excited to see him anywhere he goes.

This is another one from his collection and it looks like the ones he uses in Ang Probinsyano which is a popular teleserye here in the Philippines. This vehicle can be good to use during flood season and in places where the terrain is challenging. His collection includes Mustang, Land Cruiser and Mercedes Benz. These are top-of-the-notch cars that most people can only dream of having. Coco has a lot of those though.


By the looks of all his vehicles, it seems that they are in pristine condition so maybe Coco personally handles those vehicles. His vehicles are very popular in the showbiz circle that one tv show guests him and shows the public which cars he has.

This is Coco’s red Mustang. This is a popular vintage car and many people admire how it looks like. It’s a car made by the Ford company.


This is Coco with a friend posing for the camera and showing off his prized possession. Coco Martin is now a rich guy with many cars but he is still known to be a down-to-earth guy.

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