Good Samaritan Helps a Family in Need, Wins Praises from Netizens

Rhona Laurel Arcillas is your typical hospital employee but today, she is a good samaritan. She may not be an executive or a doctor but to the family of Aiza Montalban, she is an angel. Aiza and her family are from Batangas. One day they have to bring her grandmother to the hospital.

The family only have Php1,500 in their pocket. They will use the money not only for her grandma’s check-up but also for food and transportation. The problem is that the check-up alone is already Php500. The laboratory exams will cost them Php1,800 so they need extra cash.

good samaritan

That’s when Rhona comes into the picture. The family don’t know her personally but when Aiza tells her ordeal to Rhona, the good samaritan asked her how it went.  Aiza mentions everything to her and Rhona feels sorry for them.

good samaritan

Most people will just say good luck or I hope you find help but not this good samaritan. Rhona gives her Php1,000 and Aiza is shocked by this gesture. Just when they are starting to get hopeless, this angel comes to them and helps out. The photo below tells the story about how Rhona help Aiza’s family.

good samaritan

That is the complete details which states how thankful Aiza is for talking to Rhona.This post quickly became viral. It inspired people and everyone is happy to learn how an ordinary employee becomes an angel to a family in need.

good samaritan


Sometimes in life, we find ourselves having financial troubles. There are times when we don’t know what to think anymore but there will be one person who will help us. God sends this person because he knows our trials. This is what happened to Aiza when she meets the good samaritan Rhona Laurel Arcillas. This person don’t know her but she is quick to help. She deserves applause for being kind-hearted. What do you think of this story?

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