Woman Learns a very Important Lesson in Life from her Sister

Borrowing money from other people isn’t easy to do because aside from possible interests, there would always be that feeling of being indebted with gratitude. In the case of the lender, you’ll fear that your hard earned money won’t be returned. This story you’re about to read is something to ponder on and will most likely give a very important lesson in life.

Jessica is Ana’s younger sister. Whenever she runs out of money, Jessica simply goes to Ana and gets the amount she needed. Jessica has gotten used to that kind of life because her elder sister will always be there to help her. Until one day, Ana wasn’t at all happy to see her when she came by her  house because she knows why Jessica is there again. Knowing Jessica’s intention, she decided to give her younger sister a very important lesson that will awaken her to the reality of life. Jessica asked to borrow 40,000 and Ana agreed at once and even made it 80,000 on one condition to which Jessica readily agreed. She was happy that she’ll be given the money but she was a bit shocked after learning the condition. Her sister told her to go to the backyard and divide wood into 4 with only a large knife and a hammer. She has to finish it in four hours and she can’t ask help from anyone.

She started dividing the woods and was able to finish 50 pcs. in an hour so she thought that the remaining 150 will be easy too but after two hours, she worked slowly because she got tired and her palms have turned red and numb.

She went back inside her sister’s house and told her that she can’t finish the job; showed Ana her hands. She was surprised when Ana handed the 80,000 to her, saying that she just wanted to teach her the value of working hard for money. It was then that Jessica realized that her sister worked hard for every cent she gave her. Not long after, Jessica found herself a job and started having a direction in life.

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