No One is Applying for this Job even if it Pays $265K Annually

Tokoroa has a total population of 13,600 and located in the North Island, New Zealand. It’s the 5th largest town and the employment rate is 22%. It’s a wonder why no one is applying for this job even if it pays $265K annually. It also offers a 3 month vacation leave.

The Offer

The only GP (General Practitioner) in Tokoroa is Dr. Alan Kelly. He has been dreaming of taking a much needed vacation. This is why he’s looking for a partner that can substitute for him. He can’t leave town because there’s no one to take care of the sick people. He had already posted several ads highlighting the high salary and vacation package but no one is applying.

no one is applying

The Reason

The town doesn’t have a good internet connection and doesn’t have a social life. This is perhaps the reason why no seems interested in the job despite the nice salary package.The possible applicants are not interested to apply because of the isolation one can feel when in the island. You will sort of feel alone when you’re in there.


General Practitioner

It has a number of scenic views and the perfect place to relax and unwind. It only needs a General practitioner who is not interested in social media. The town needs someone who would be concern in serving the sick people. General Practitioners don’t really require a high level of specialization. He only needs enough knowledge in caring for the sick. He should also be knowledgeable in giving them preventive care.

There are few doctors in 3rd world countries. This is why General Practitioners are very much needed in rural areas. They are responsible in taking care of the sick people and the elderly. There are few doctors in these areas while there is a high competition in urbanized towns.

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